Seeking true beauty

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Mademoiselle , it’s time for Beautiful Skin

Vol. Menard Skincare Method

Mademoiselle, skin care has got to be done effectively.


The Butler


I want to be more beautiful!


Pat pat pat

I’ll use more and more products
in order to be beautiful!


Using more and more is not the way.

Let me tell you the secret to becoming even more beautiful.


Take this cake, for example.
It’s tasty because it has the right amount of ingredients,
used in the correct order.
Skin care is just the same.

Is that so?

The important points are…

Menard Skincare
Method Course

the amount of product you use, not to skip any products, and to apply them gently.

Let’s go ahead
and learn by doing.

This is important stuff, so I’ll write it all down.

Step 1


The first step is to remove makeup impurities.

Apply cleansing cream over your face gently.


Once the cream has become like a thin, transparent oil, it’s done.

Rinse it off with lukewarm or cold water.

Step 2


Now it’s time to wash off old sebum,
dead skin cells,
dirt and so forth.

Put some cream on your palm, and lather it up with lukewarm or cold water.

the size of
a tennis ball

Apply foam all over your face gently,
without your hands pressing directly on your skin.

Wash the foam off thoroughly with lukewarm or cold water, and dry your face.

Press lightly with a towel.

Step 3


a massage to improve blood circulation in the face.

to massage gently, without applying
too much pressure.


Move from below to
above and from inside
to outside.

1. Face line / Cheeks

2. Around mouth

3. Nose

4. Around eyes

5. Tail of eyes

6. Forehead

7. Face line

8. Soothe entire face

Massage tips

Use primarily the tips of the middle and ring fingers.
Massage slowly, in time with your pulse.
Slide the fingers gently over the skin surface.
Move from below to above, from inside to outside, and perpendicular to wrinkles.

A facial massage feels good and makes me relaxed!

Step 4


Give your skin plenty of moisture, and keep your skin soft and dewy.

Pat lightly, moving from below to above, applying lotion gently until your entire face feels cool.

Apply it especially gently around the eyes.

Step 5


Next, emulsion softens your skin and further supplements moisture and oil content.

I got it !!!

Mademoiselle is showing
more and more determination!

This will make your skin softer.

This step comes between lotion and cream, and will make cream absorb into your skin more easily.

Step 6


cream to protect your skin from dryness.

Pat lightly, enveloping your face, until cream is distributed evenly and absorbed into skin so that it is not slippery to the touch.

This makes your
skin naturally

That’s all! How do you feel, Mademoiselle?

My skin has gotten more beautiful, I’m sure of it!

You’re right,
it’s just like
baking a cake. Tasty!

But you can’t
eat your skin,
you know…