Seeking true beauty

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Mademoiselle , it’s time for Beautiful Skin

Vol. Luminous Illusion

Mademoiselle will be looking her very loveliest.

Hi! I’m Michiru Shirohada.

The Butler


Recently, I’m just mad for illusions…

It disappeared!

You can make anything disappear, you know.

In that case, I’ve got something I’d like to have disappear…

What could that be?

Something that’s been bothering me.

And what might be bothering Mademoiselle?

Let us prepare to go out, shall we?

Oh dear… lately, I’ve been noticing it more and more…

It seems to be getting ever more prominent…

This dark spot on my skin.

Ah… a dark spot…

Won’t you please… ♡

Get rid of it for me?


Let’s see…

I’ll use my Luminous Illusion!!

to work magic on your skin.


It’s gone!! ♡

Let us place mesh patterns of varying fineness on top of a sample spot,
and compare the spot’s visibility.
Note that the coarser mesh B conceals the spot better than finer mesh A.

Sample spot

*Simulated image

Spot’s outline can be seen, and spot is noticeable

Spot’s outline cannot be seen, and spot is not noticeable

We’ve developed a powder with granules just the right size––larger than the conventional size.
This conceals the outlines of spots.

An optical illusion renders the spot unnoticeable. That’s the secret behind Fairlucent bihaku foundation.

It’s even more effective when used in combination with makeup base.

The optical illusion grows more powerful, and…

Makeup lasts longer than ever.

Mademoiselle can be even lovelier than before!

Portrait of Mademoiselle at her loveliest

This is a beauty illusion I can do all by myself!


Is it an illusion that you appear to be walking on air?

You may be getting carried away…

I feel

so pretty… ♪

Rising to a new level of beauty!