Seeking true beauty

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Mademoiselle, It’s time for beautiful skin lesson

Vol. Go get clear skin!!
※Clean the skin by removing the dirt.

I need a clear skin.

Mademoiselle, Michiru Shirohada

We can obtain clear skin by Double Cleansing.

The butler, Menado Tsutomu

We have so many enemies of the skin in spring time.

Mademoiselle, to get a clear skin,






Double Cleansing is extremely important.

I'll do Washing twice!

I’m afraid that's not what I meant by double.

Surely not…!

Double Cleansing means,

I’m Cleansing!!

I’m Washing!!

Combination of Cleansing and Washing makes Double Cleansing.



I didn’t know that.

Cleansing is to come up makeup cosmetic, sunblock to the surface of the skin, and remove the dirt in the pores thoroughly.

Washing is to wrap up old sebum, cell, sweat, dust, and bacteria with foam and rinse them off.

This Double Cleansing will promptly rinse away all kinds of impurities on the skin and cosmetics you use afterwards can penetrate into the skin more easily.

Before Cleansing

Washing Only

Double Cleansing

(Compared with our existing product)

With Washing only, makeup cosmetic will remain on the skin.

Cleansing and Washing

Correct use of them is the key for clear skin.

Now, I'll provide you a Double Cleansing lesson, Mademoiselle.


The adequate amount of the cleansing cream is the size of 1.5 piece of cherry.

The amount is important as well.

Spread the cream over the face without any pressure.

When your feeling becomes lighter and cleansing cream melts just like oil, that's the signal of complete cleansing.

Cleansing must not be skipped even when you have sunblock only on the face.

After you rinse off the cleansing cream with water or lukewarm water, Washing.


Up to the size of a tennis ball

I’m taking care of my skin with this special foam, because

I am so feminine.

Form the washing cream until it would not be dripped even when placed upside down on your palm.

With insufficient foaming, your hand will directly touch and hurt your skin.


Now use lotion, for very important moisturizing.

Pat your skin with lotion using cotton pad until your skin is cooled down.

You've learned all the tips for clear skin.

Your skin will be clear.

With correct skincare