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Mademoiselle, it’s time for Beautiful Skin

Vol. Facial massage in summer

We must all beware of UV rays!!

Mademoiselle, Michiru Shirohada

Do not shirk your daily skincare.

The butler, Menado Tsutomu

Your skin in summer…

Even when you’re taking great care…

You get exposed to UV rays without realizing it!

There’s no escaping UV rays… they reflect off surfaces, and so forth.

Even a parasol can’t protect me completely in this season.

In the course of daily life, you can’t help but get exposed to them.

Beware of day-to-day UV rays exposure!

Not that Mademoiselle hangs her own laundry, of course, but…

UV rays lead to pigmentations, freckles, and dull complexion on the skin*!!

To tell you the truth, I’ve been a bit worried about pigmentations lately…

They weren’t here until summer arrived!

Through the summer, your skin has stored up excessive amounts of melanin.

We’re in your skin…

Hi there!

We’re the Melanins! Nice to meetcha!!

Your skin is quite prone to pigmentations, freckles, and dull complexion, Mademoiselle.

Poor metabolism results in skin like this!

Hey, what a comfy spot this is…

Get out of here, you troublesome Melanins!

Of course, your basic daily skincare, UV protection, and brightening care are all important.

Today, we shall focus on…

As a part of your daily skincare…


It is!


A massage improves blood circulation in the face and delivers nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells.

Capillary vessel

*For illustration purposes only

Massage procedure

Use a cream about the size of 1.5 cherries

1. Face line / Cheeks

2. Around mouth

3. Nose

4. Around eyes

5. Corners of eyes

6. Forehead

7. Face line

8. Soothe entire face

Move from below to above and from inside to outside, using primarily the tips of the middle and ring fingers, and massage slowly and gently in time with your pulse.

I see! Thanks for the tips!

Improving blood circulation boosts your metabolism.

Bye-bye, you pesky Melanins!

We’re outta here… See ya…

Improving your metabolism is important for fighting dull complexion* as well, you know.

Massaging my face every day…

I’ll keep it up!

Keeps my skin in tip-top condition!!

Facial massage keeps my skin in such good condition, I’ve just got to continue it!

It keeps me more feminine, youthful, and attractive!!

By the way…

I want to try hanging laundry ♡


Mademoiselle! The UV rays…!!!

*“Dull complexion” refers to areas where the skin appears dull due to old horny cells.