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Mademoiselle, it’s time for Beautiful Skin

Vol. The secret of self-check

Look. Touch. Feel.
Just three simple steps.

Mademoiselle, Michiru Shirohada

Learn the secret habit for beautiful skin with self-check.

The butler, Menado Tsutomu

One lovely spring day.

Good mooorning…


Mademoiselle, You cannot keep your beautiful skin with such a sloppy routine!!

But don't ladies with beautiful skin always say “I do nothing at all”?

How do you do it?

Oh, I don’t do anything special!!

Such a lady usually checks her skin each and every day before she starts skin care.

Regular self-check!!

I do nothing at all!!

Is that so!?

Awake finally

It is of the utmost importance that you know your skin’s condition of the day!!

The first step to Beauty

Self-Check of the skin

How do I check my skin!?


Pimples, pores, skin’s brightness, etc.

All that you can see…

Check them!

Do you find anything different today?


Check it!

Softness, smoothness, dryness


Check it!

Moistness, stickiness, your makeup setting, etc.

Check your skin everyday and watch the difference of the day!

My skin is a bit dull, and it feels rough today.

So you noticed. Let’s fix your routine!!

But, how should I fix my routine?

Today I have invited a reliable beauty specialist.

Let’s try a routine skincare suited to the current condition of your skin.

In Mademoiselle’s case, you may need to reconsider ‘washing’.

Have you tried making firm foam?

My skin becomes brighter! All this thanks to the self-check!!

I have to do my self-check every day!

Now you see, Mademoiselle!!

Getting close to the real beauty step by step!!