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Mademoiselle, it’s time for Beautiful Skin

Special Edition:
Achieve a Beautiful Glow with Summer Skin Care!

The butler, Menado Tsutomu

Mademoiselle, Michiru Shirohada

Traveling with Luminous Skin

Mademoiselle is on vacation, but she looks unhappy…

Even with total UV care, my skin still looks dull.

Did you follow proper skin care routines?



Translucent skin is quite similar to plastic wrap.

As the wrap piles up, the translucency decreases. Similarly, skin becomes duller as dead skin builds up.

The Herb Mask makes it easy to maintain your skin while traveling!


Let's try it!

So relaxing with the herbal aromas.

Moist, soft and smooth!

Let's travel with luminous skin!

Mademoiselle's travel continues…

The "Let's Enjoy it More" Plan!!

UV Rays

Strenuous Exercise

Stress from Environmental Changes

Many things happen while traveling.

Oh no! My skin…

As the environment changes, you may notice small differences with your skin.

May I suggest Serum E for your skin?

Use it when you notice any changes with your skin.

Apply it all over your face after your lotion.

It’s important to keep skin changes from becoming skin concerns!!

Now let's keep moving

with healthy skin!

Mademoiselle's travel continues…