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  • All information entered on this form will be handled according to the Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd. stipulations on handling of personal information and Privacy Policy. Handling of personal information will also comply with the laws of Japan.
  • E-mail addresses and other personal information will be used only for the purpose of responding to inquiries. Customer information will not be provided or disclosed to third parties unless authorized by the customer, or required by law.
  • Responses from Menard are intended only to answer questions from specific customers who complete inquiry forms. Copying or re-use of these responses in whole or in part, or disclosure to third parties without authorization from Menard, is strictly prohibited.
  • After submitting the completed form, you will receive an automatically sent verification E-mail at the E-mail address entered on the form. If you do not receive an E-mail, it is possible that your E-mail address was entered erroneously on the form. If some time has elapsed and a verification E-mail has not yet arrived, please re-submit your inquiry from this page. Thank you.
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