Seeking true beauty

Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.

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Our passion making you beautiful

Based on the corporate philosophy and vision outlined below, we hope that you’ll meet our products, find your own beauty, and feel a sense of joy.

Corporate Philosophy

Seeking true beauty

What we offer our customers is more than a product. We offer something intangible: Magokoro comes with every one of our products. To us at MENARD, Magokoro means a sincere dedication to brightening people’s lifestyles and contributing to society through beauty.
It means treating everyone with kindness. And it means thinking sincerely about what we can do for our customers’ beauty, then putting it into practice. We hope to be your most trusted beauty advisor and consultant. “Seeking true beauty”: to us at MENARD, these are words to live by.


Contributing to society by fostering an aesthetic lifestyle

We want to help each and every woman enjoy her lifestyle and sparkle every day through the satisfaction and serenity that beauty can bring. We hope this sparkle will spread from one person to another, like a ripple effect, until the world overflows with smiles. To us at MENARD, beauty is more than just cosmetics. Daily living, culture… it’s all part of the aesthetic lifestyle.

About us

Company Name
Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
3-18-15 Marunouchi Naka-ku Nagoya 460-8567 JAPAN
November 17, 1959
Daisuke Nonogawa, Chairman
Junichi Nonogawa, President
Web Site
74 million yen
Main Business Activities
Cosmetics & Health Foods Production and Sales
Domestic Bases
Research Institute
Factory(Inazawa Factory, Noguchi Factory)
Distribution Center Sales Outlets: 22 Branch Stores
Overseas Bases
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