Seeking true beauty

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Our passion making you beautiful

Based on the corporate philosophy and vision outlined below, we hope that you’ll meet our products, find your own beauty, and feel a sense of joy.

Corporate Philosophy

Seeking true beauty

What we offer our customers is more than a product. We offer something intangible: Magokoro comes with every one of our products. To us at MENARD, Magokoro means a sincere dedication to brightening people’s lifestyles and contributing to society through beauty.
It means treating everyone with kindness. And it means thinking sincerely about what we can do for our customers’ beauty, then putting it into practice. We hope to be your most trusted beauty advisor and consultant. “Seeking true beauty”: to us at MENARD, these are words to live by.


Contributing to society by fostering an aesthetic lifestyle

We want to help each and every woman enjoy her lifestyle and sparkle every day through the satisfaction and serenity that beauty can bring. We hope this sparkle will spread from one person to another, like a ripple effect, until the world overflows with smiles. To us at MENARD, beauty is more than just cosmetics. Daily living, culture… it’s all part of the aesthetic lifestyle.

Business description

For Women seeking true beauty throughout the world

Global expansion

Our business outside Japan, which started in Asia, has now expanded to a total of 20 countries and regions throughout the world: 9 countries and regions in Asia, 2 countries in North America, and 9 other European countries including France. To make this expansion possible, we have established subsidiaries in 7 countries and regions, and have contracted distributors in 13 countries leading to an increase of the number of Menard users worldwide.

We are also running our own salons where we offer our quality aesthetic treatments (in Paris, Monaco and Hong Kong).

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Omotenashi (Hospitality) of Aoyama Resort

Aoyama Resort

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This beauty- and health-themed resort allows you to pamper yourself in a moment of omotenashi in an open environment surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to feel healthier and more beautiful both in body and mind.

Menard Aoyama Resort is a resort complex (located in Iga City, Mie Prefecture) that offers exceptional relaxation and consists of a rich array of facilities—beyond just lodging facilities—where you can enjoy hot springs, aesthetic beauty treatments, bino kukan programs, golf, herbal gardens, hands-on craft activities, and more.

A wonderful place to encounter beauty

Art Museum

Menard Art Museum opened in 1987 in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, where the founder of Nippon Menard Cosmetics, Daisuke Nonogawa, and his wife Mizuko are from. It was established to exhibit to the public artwork that Mr. and Mrs. Nonogawa collected for over 20 years.

The art museum features quite a diverse collection of Western paintings, Japanese-style and Western-style Japanese paintings, crafts, sculptures and antiques, totaling over 1,400 pieces in all—including works by the world’s most renowned artists like Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso—which has earned it an excellent reputation both inside and outside Japan.

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The things that lead to beauty are unlimited

Aesthetic and hair salons

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Aesthetic treatments by Menard ensure the ultimate relaxation that only a cosmetics manufacturer can offer by making effective use of its original cosmetic products and meticulous hand techniques. Our aesthetic method, which combines findings from our advanced research with traditional techniques from both the East and the West, truly relaxes your skin and mind, leading to genuine beauty. It is our pleasure and desire at Menard to stand by women and help them shine throughout their lives.

Menard runs its own salon—named BILEC—in Nagoya, Omotesando (Tokyo) and Aoyama Resort (Mie).

Food for beauty and health

Food business and bakeries

As one of our numerous, sincere suggestions for beautiful lifestyles, we propose healthier and richer lifestyles through offering food—mainly bread—to promote beauty and health.

Our Brancious Nagoya Plant produces quality bread by using only carefully selected ingredients, including Aoyama Plateau water, and bringing out the fullest flavor of those ingredients.

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Menard Hair & Make up Artistic Professionals

MHMAPS International

MHMAPS is a hair and makeup artist team involved in creating TV ads and photo shoots of Menard products, as well as working backstage at fashion shows. In particular, MHMAPS International, which was established in 2002, is a special team that works mainly for the Paris Fashion Week and other overseas events. The team’s skills and expressive ability are at the forefront of the cosmetics world.

About us

Company Name
Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
3-18-15 Marunouchi Naka-ku Nagoya 460-8567 JAPAN
November 17, 1959
Daisuke Nonogawa, Chairman
Junichi Nonogawa, President
Web Site
74 million yen
Main Business Activities
Cosmetics & Health Foods Production and Sales
Domestic Bases
Research Institute
Factory(Inazawa Factory, Noguchi Factory)
Distribution Center Sales Outlets: 19 Branch Stores
Overseas Bases


  • Nippon Menard Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Founded
  • Headquarters built in Nishi-ku, Nagoya
  • Nagoya Plant built, Menard Beauty Salon opens (Chunichi Salon, Imaike salon)
  • Inazawa Plant built
  • Noguchi Plant built
  • Chuo Research Center established; Headquarters moved to Naka-ku, Nagoya
  • Beauty and Spa salon Menard Bilec opens
  • Menard Aoyama Resort opens
  • Chaireman Daisuke Nonokgawa was awarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon from Goverment of Japan
  • Biochemical Research Center built
  • Menard Art Museum opens in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Menard Cosmetic Inc. (joint company) in Taiwan established
  • Malaysian production company of Nippon Menard Malaysia Sdn. LTD. (joint company) established
  • Malaysian Plant built
  • Daisuke Nonogawa, president, becomes company chairman,
    Junichi Nonogawa, vice president, becomes president
  • Chaireman Daisuke Nonogawa was awarded the Third Order of the Sacred Treasure from Goverment of Japan
  • Menard Beauty Academy opens (Certified by the Japan Esthetics Association)
  • Chinese production company of Suzhou M&Y Cosmetic Co., Ltd. (joint company) established
  • General research center established
  • A plant established in Suzhou, China
  • Gain ISO9002 certification in Malaysia plant
  • Gain ISO9002 certification in China plant
  • New plant built in Malaysia
  • Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd. Paris Liaison office established(2011 closed)
  • Entry into health food market
  • MHMAPS (Menard Hair & Make-up Artistic Professionals) activities start
  • Co-sponsorship of Nagoya International Women's Marathon(until 2011)
  • Shima Iwashita , MENARD house model, was certified in the Guiness Book of Records as the longest exclusive contract period
  • President Junichi Nonogawa receives Chevalier Medal from French Government
  • Establishment of bakery division (current food division)
  • Nippon Menard France S.A.S. established
  • New headquarters built
  • Menard total beauty space (Esthetic salon CHAMPSBILEC, Hair &Make salon MHMAPS) opens
  • Gain ISO14001 certification in Inazawa plant
  • Menard Institute Paris opens in Paris
  • Menard Cosmetics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China established
  • Menard Facial Salon business begins in Japan
  • Gain ISO9001 certification in Inazawa plant
  • Menard Cosmetic (Hong Kong) established
  • Chairman Daisuke Nonogawa receives honorary citizenship of Komaki City
  • The Department of Applied Cell and Regenerative Medicine established at Fujita Health University’s School of Medicine
  • China Suzhou plant expanded
  • Nippon Menard Monaco(S.A.R.L.) established
  • Menard Institute Monte-Carlo opens in Monaco
  • Menard BILEC Omotesando opens
  • Co-sponsorship of Nagoya Women's Marathon as a gold sponsor(until the present)
  • Nagoya University - MENARD Collaborative Research Chair establishes at Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine