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Scientifically proven results. Graceful product design that highlights your moments of elegance.

A cornucopia of products for a beautiful and fulfilling lifestyle

MENARD is dedicated to providing our customers with safe, beneficial and effective products. We also believe beauty products should come in beautiful containers that accent the elegant times and places of your life.
That's why we place strong emphasis on product package design. We hope our products themselves provide a beautiful accent to the elegant scenes and moments of your life.

We offer an extensive lineup of products so as to provide each customer worldwide with her ideal product or service. A few of our key products are described below.



The future of beauty begins here

An unparalleled texture, smoothly malleable and seeming to melt in your skin, makes this product a joy to use. It’s a cream specifically designed with aging skin in mind.
Its subtle fragrance creates a lingering mood of grace, elegance and femininity.

Cream, Mask, Neck essence


The attainment of beauty. Moments of splendor that will linger for eternity.

For discerning women who want to choose valuable products for the sake of beauty. EMBELLIR is a proprietary product lineup containing the results of many years of research on extracting the power of the Reishi*1,2.
Your expectations of lasting, splendid beauty will be heightened when you feel its harmonious textures and take in its mystical fragrance.

Red Reishi Extract SX*1 and Black Reishi Extract SX*2 (both moisturizing ingredients)
*1: GANODERMA LUCIDUM (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT (moisturizing ingredient)
*2: GANODERMA SINENSE (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT (moisturizing ingredient)

Cleansing cream & Massage cream, Washing cream, Toner, Liquid lotion, Serum, Day cream, Night cream, Eye cream
Makeup base, Foundation, Lipstick


Giving skin a lustrous firmness

Rich mellowness and sweet, fresh moisture.
Relish the creamy texture and slip into a world where time passes at a leisurely pace.
Feel joy the moment you experience the lustrous firmness.
The story of your beauty begins now.

Cleansing cream & Massage cream, Washing cream, Lotion, Emulsion, Day cream, Night cream, Eye cream


Polish for mature skin for everlasting glowing beauty

Just as emotional richness cultivated through experience makes you attractive,
your beauty also becomes more abundant over time.
LISCIARE cultivates bright, translucent skin overflowing with moisture and suppleness.
Your everlasting glowing beauty makes you confident in the face of aging.

Translucent skin: skin with moisture

Cleansing cream, Washing cream, Massage cream, Lotion, Milk lotion, Cream


Skincare providing skin with freshness and a velvety feel

To keep skin looking healthy even if it is exposed to severe environmental conditions, such as dryness and ultraviolet rays, or affected by aging, TSUKIKA covers skin gently with a fresh, velvety-smooth sensation and leads to a feeling of moisture.

Cleansing cream, Washing cream, Massage cream, Lotion <moist/fresh>, Milk lotion, Cream


For a happier future Beyond suppleness and moisture

A rich, softening serum
that makes the skin feel fully supple and moist,
and gives it a three-dimensionally
tightened appearance.

Serum, Eye cream


A confident bare skin habit after washing

It’s a pre-lotion that you use immediately after washing your face, so it’s easy to add to your usual skin care regimen and isn’t a barrier to products you use after it.
Use Beauness every day after washing to always keep your Confident Bare Skin healthy and in good condition.

Pre lotion, Mask sheet, Mist type lotion


Clear skin with herb granules

A creamy facial mask that gently removes old
skin cells and leaves the skin clear and smooth.
A blend of herbal scents relaxes your mind.



Mildness and beauty resonate

This series is supremely gentle on your skin and emphasizes a clean, beautiful finish, with the relationship between makeup and skin care in mind.

Makeup base, Foundation, Face powder, Eye color, Lip color


Gentle Beauty that Cares for Your Skin

Touch of Kindness
~The beauty of comfort~

A happy skin leads to a joy from within.
Start your happy beauty routine with TK.

Makeup base, Foundation, Lipstick

Product availability varies by country.For details, please check with MENARD in your country.

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