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Integrated workflow from basic research through product development

To bring forth the beauty inside each user and let it fully blossom, MENARD conducts research to elucidate the processes of the skin at a genetic level, and develops new and highly effective ingredients. None of the results of this research and development are applied to actual products until their safety, efficacy and potency are assured.
Our product development is based on research into customer needs, with the goal of offering products with high added value that contribute to our customers’ quality of life.

Basic research: Approaching beauty from the standpoint of dermatology

For skin to stay beautiful, the skin cells must stay active and in motion. With this in mind, MENARD’s diverse and highly experienced team of scientists conducts research in the fields of stem cells, dermatological science that clarifies the mechanisms of the skin at a genetic level, and new materials development that harnesses the power of biotechnology.
The fruits of this research are products that fight skin quality deterioration and skin trouble with the utmost effectiveness.

New materials development: Discovering new skin-care possibilities

MENARD believes that the progress of science, and the world of nature, hold a wealth of hidden beauty potential. Our efforts to develop new ingredients span the globe. These ingredients are turned into marketable products only after being evaluated objectively for safety and effectiveness from the wide-ranging standpoints of dermatology, medicine, pharmacology, biology and other fields.
We at MENARD are dedicated to bringing revolutionary new ingredients to the market first, meeting our customers’ diverse needs, and fostering the desire to look and feel one’s best within and without.

Stem cells

Stem cells give rise to all sorts of cells that form the tissues and organs of the body. In recent years, stem cells in regenerative medicine have been the focus of worldwide attention. At MENARD, we are conducting research into stem cells that generate skin, focusing on the themes of “where beautiful skin comes from” and “whether beautiful skin can be continuously generated,” and exploring new frontiers in cosmetics.

Quality control: Providing customers with products they can trust

Our rigorous quality control covers every stage from procurement of raw materials to shipment of finished products. We have established independent standards stricter than those prevalent in the industry so as to ensure absolutely trustworthy products. Our plants employ state-of-the-art quality management systems and manufacturing equipment. Quality monitoring is performed with analytical devices and processes such as atomic absorption spectrometers and high performance liquid chromatography. Manufacturing employs water purified using reverse osmosis membrane water purification equipment, with clean rooms and other state-of-the-art facilities ensuring the manufacturing process meets the strictest quality standards.
Cosmetic products are used directly on the skin. MENARD’s commitment to safety and reliability is an integral part of our products’ value.

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