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Key Research Areas

Innovative ingredients

MENARD gathers plants and natural medicinal substances from all over the world and employs advanced biotechnology to develop highly effective new cosmetic ingredients and products.

Harnessing the skin-beautifying power of Reishi

Reishi is a mushroom of the genus Ganoderma. Noting that it was especially venerated in the most ancient Chinese pharmacological manuals, MENARD commenced research on Reishi around 1980. After independently cultivating and studying Red Reishi, the most common type, we developed properties beneficial to the skin. Next we researched the rarer Black Reishi mushroom and developed another efficacious ingredient not found in the red variety.
Today, we continue to research Reishi and harness its prized powers for skin-care product development.

Putting the subtle skin-beautifying properties of plants to effective use in cosmetics

Gynostemma pentaphyllum, a herbaceous vine of the cucumber family, contains skin-beautifying compounds, but in such minute amounts it was thought impossible to apply them to cosmetics manufacture. However, MENARD succeeded in performing cellular fusion of this plant with the luffa, another plant from the cucumber family with superior reproductive properties. This enabled the production of skin-beautifying GL II extract, and the creation of cosmetics that amplify the subtle power of these plants to beautify the skin.

The natural scent of the Selenicereus reproduced in a cosmetic fragrance

MENARD succeeded in reproducing the natural scent of the rare and short-lived Selenicereus blossom using the “natural-space” method, in which a glass case is placed over the flower and air circulated to extract and analyze the aroma without damaging the flower. This method is particularly effective at reproducing natural aromas without harm to plants.
This fragrance creates a gentle and mild mood while at the same bestowing energy and cheer. MENARD offers products that bear the ineffable fragrance of the Selenicereusin all her white splendor.

A new protective ingredient for hair incorporating extract of black pearl

Found predominantly in the ocean around Tahiti, black pearls are prized for their magnificent black luster, which served to inspire one particular researcher at MENARD.
The ensuing research succeeded in blending the ceramide and 18-MEA found in hair with protein derived from black pearls. This blend became a marvelously transparent protective ingredient for hair.

A new aroma ingredient blended from four varieties of scent

After issuing a press release on our new fragrance in France, MENARD was inundated with inquiries thanks to strong interest in our new aroma ingredient― a winning mix of four scents including ambrette seed oil.
The seamless blending of this aroma, which like musk powerfully draws forth feminine allure, creates a magical harmony of East and West.

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