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Nov 25, 2015
AUTHENT MASK won the prize in Polish beauty magazine
Nov 18, 2015
Taiwan Menard 30th anniversary ceremony
Sep 1, 2015
Saranari Brand New Site
Aug 11, 2015
Casa Blanca lilies in Menard Aoyama Resort
July 21,2015
New MANGA has uploaded. Vol. Facial massage in summer
May 9,2015
Opening event of new Menard salon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Mar 8,2015
Great success of Nagoya Women's Marathon 2015.'
Feb 6-8,2015
COOL JAPAN event 2015 in JAKARTA.
Japan Beauty Week in Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh.


Dec 3,2014
Renewed Menard counter in MOKO Hong Kong.
Nov 26,2014
The MENARD 55th anniversary ceremony.
Oct 21,2014
Renewed Menard counter in World Trade Center Hong Kong.
Oct 21,2014
Menard Skincare Movie.
Aug 4,2014
Menard luxury product line -Embellir Brand Site- has placed.
July 21,2014
Authent Brand Site has renewed.
July 10,2014
New MANGA has uploaded. Vol. Luminous Illusion.
May 21,2014
Let's study beauty tips through MANGA.
Apr 19,2014
The 10th anniversary parties of Vietnamese distributor of MENARD.
Apr 17,2014
Menard launched in Turkey!
Mar 15,2014
Mondial Spa in Paris, France 2014.
Mar 10,2014
Great success of Nagoya Women's Marathon 2014.
Feb 27,2014
Japan Beauty Week in Kuala Lumpur.
Jan 23,2014
Japan Beauty Week in Jakarta.


Dec 25,2013
Menard Art Museum presented Art Salon.
Nov 26,2013
MENARD collaborates with Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine.
Mar 10,2013
Gold sponsor of "Nagoya Women's Marathon 2013 and 2014"


Dec 01,2011
Safety of our products
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