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Skin care key points to achieve a beautiful skin

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We’re introducing some tips on skincare that are essential for creating beautiful skin.
In order to get the full effect of your skincare, pay attention to these five points.

Q. Is that amount correct?
A. Using too much or too little of a cosmetic product will not give you the full effect. Every item has an appropriate amount that will give you a satisfactory result, so be sure to follow the dosage for each item.

Q. Are you skipping steps?
A. Are you skipping items in your care routine because you are too busy?
All items are necessary for your skin. It is important to use them collectively.

Q. Is that the right amount of pressure?
A. When you treat your skin, do you tend to apply too much pressure?
If you use more pressure than necessary, it can be hard on your skin. Be careful not to scrub too hard.

Q.Are you aware of the finishing signs?
A. Are you performing each step of your skincare carefully?
For example, when cleansing, if you rinse off your makeup before it’s completely removed, it will leave dirt in your pores which is unhealthy for your skin. Let's be aware of the "finishing signs" of each step.

Q. Are you mixing series?
A. Do you use the same series for all your products? Each series of basic skin care has a different concept of what it means to have beautiful skin.
By using the same series of products from cleansing to creams, you will be able to get closer to the beautiful skin you want faster.

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