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The launch of the new “Saranari” series

A lustrous glow, brimming with firmness.
Each product with its own smooth, rich texture fills the skin with firmness, giving it a lustrous glow.
For an expressive, vibrant, and graceful skin.
For radiance every day, Saranari.

The new Saranari’s product lineup:

Washing cream        122 mL 130 g NET WT./POIDS NET 4.5 OZ.
Thoroughly washes away impurities and leaves skin moist.

Refresh Massage        157 mL 150 g NET WT./POIDS NET 5.2 OZ.
A massage and cleansing cream for a firm, moisturized skin.

Lotion        130 mL 4.3 FL.OZ.
Blends pleasantly into the skin and endows it with moisture and firmness.

Emulsion        90 mL 3 FL. OZ.
Protects skin with a closely melded moisture veil.

Day cream        29 mL 30 g NET WT./POIDS NET 1 OZ.
For daytime use, protects skin with a moisture veil.

Night cream        31 mL 30 g NET WT./POIDS NET 1 OZ.
Protects skin with a moisture veil during sleep.

Eye cream        20 mL 20 g NET WT./POIDS NET 0.7 OZ.
Gently envelops the skin around eyes with a moisture veil.

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