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Skincare's check points. Part 1: Washing.

Check 1: Can I skip washing my face in the morning?
→Even while sleeping, our skin produces sweat and sebum. The sebum is oxidized by exposure to air and can irritate the skin. To keep your skin clean and "healthy", it is important to wash your face in the morning.

Check 2: What is the secret of "gentle" washing that does not deprive skin of moisture?
→There are three key points. (1)The ideal foam is fine-textured in a tennis ball size(2)Touch your skin gently with the foam not the hands, and (3) Wash starting from the T-zone (forehead and bridge of the nose) which produces a lot of sebum avoiding direct contact of the hands with the skin. The cheeks and eye area, which tend to dry out easily, can be washed last, without lathering for too long to prevent moisture loss.

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