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Let's continue, "positive bare skin" with BEAUNESS.

Fine translucency

Having a healthy skin is important.
It obtains better results from other skin care.
That's why BEAUNESS is used as a basic skincare to prepare skin for the application of other products.
It's a pre-lotion that you use immediately after washing your face, so it's easy to add to your usual skin care regimen and isn't a barrier to products you use after it.
Use BEAUNESS every day after washing to always keep your bare skin confident, healthy and in good condition. It's time for a positive skin care experience.

〇Beauness 160 mL 5.4 FL.OZ.
  A pre-lotion to keep your skin always healthy and well-conditioned.
〇Beauness Spa Shower 60 mL 2 FL.OZ.
  A mist lotion for a proactive skin anytime, anywhere.
〇Beauness Spa Mask Sheet 5 sheets 18 mL 0.6 FL.OZ.
  A mask sheet that adheres to the skin to prevent rough and dry skin, pimples.

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