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A message from Menard

A message from Menard

Today, there is an overflow of products and information about beauty.

It is precisely in this day and age that we need to look for cosmetics from beauty advisors who have refined knowledge and skills in beauty. For us at Menard, precise beauty advice and counseling, and attentive beauty services are of extreme value and importance. That is why we are increasingly focusing on enhancing the quality of our services.

Menard's beauty advisors work hard every day to improve their beauty knowledge and advice that suit each customer delivering to them the joy of becoming more beautiful.

Menard’s General Research Center is engaged in research and development of new added-value cosmetics and health foods that are safe and provide a high quality of life (QOL) based on scientific evidence.
It is also actively engaged in joint research with universities, hospitals and other research institutions.

We have a state-of-the-art quality control and production system at our Inazawa Factory in Aichi prefecture to provide safe and reliable products. Our rigorous quality control covers every stage from procurement of raw materials to shipmen of finished products, ensuring the speedy provision of safe, quality products to our customers.

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